Backpack Exterior
  1. -840 Denier TPU coated, abrasion/water resistant nylon designed to protect your gear.
  2. -YKK Zippers lined with paracord because YKK matters
  3. -Reinforced MOLLE webbing for attaching smaller items and additional compartments for extending your gear capacity. 
  4. -Lashing/ compression buckles for attaching larger items
  5. -Two large side cup holders will fit a 40 oz. hydration flask 
  6. -Hollow mesh back panel for laptop/ iPad storage, or storing shoulder straps /hip belt
  7. -Small items pocket for quick and easy access to smaller essentials
  8. -Included rain cover to keep your gear bone dry

Backpack Interior
  1. -Two 16 liter removable Switch Bags for organization and pre-packability 
  2. -Water bladder capability with massive interior bladder pocket and R and L hose exit holes
  3. -4 liter top compartment with mesh interior for visibility and breathability
  4. -Two large interior mesh pockets for added storage
  5. -Sit-System chair flap with vinyl lined pole anchors built to last
  6. -Two snap tabs with 4 snaps for quickly attaching or detaching Switch Bags
  7. -Vinyl liner on bottom flap for durability to withstand abrasion and moisture
  8. -Reinforced load-bearing seams to carry your gear and your butt
  9. -Included ultra-light aluminum Sit System chair frame supports up to 300 lbs

Waist and Shoulder Straps
  1. -Contoured adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carry
  2. -Adjustable Quick-fit Slider to customize the length of the shoulder straps to fit your height/ build
  3. -D rings for attaching items
  4. -Adjustable sternum strap with whistle for comfort and security
  5. -Shoulder strap buckles to un-clip and store shoulder straps for duffel mode
  6. -Removable and storable hip belt 
  7. -Mini stretch-mesh hip belt pockets for convenience
Backpack Capacity: 36 Liters 
Sit System Chair: Supports up to 300 lbs
Product Weight: 
Backpack: 2.8 lbs
Backpack + Switch Bags: 3.2 lbs
Backpack + Sit System Chair Frame: 4.5 lbs
Backpack + Sit System Chair Frame + Switch Bags: 4.9 lbs

More Versatility
Whether you are traveling the world, hiking on a mountain trail, or cheering at your kid’s soccer game, you need gear that adapts to your every adventure. The Chameleon Backpack/ Sit System combines the form and function of a backpack with the convenience and comfort of an ultra-light chair.
That said, it’s the combination of the Chameleon’s robust 24 features and its ingenious design, that make it more versatile than any pack on the planet.

Unparalleled Accessibility
The Chameleon’s award winning 5 zipper, patent pending Penta Zip design keeps you from having to dig through your gear to get to what you need. Easily unzip the top, the middle or even the bottom of the pack. With all 5 zippers open the Chameleon can be flayed all the way open and lay completely flat for easy packing and unpacking.

Excellent Quality and Durability
The Chameleon was built to last. Unlike other backpacks, it pulls double duty carrying your gear securely, but also carrying your butt. That’s why we constructed it with heavy duty 840 Denier TPU coated, abrasion/water resistant nylon. Extra thought went into the vinyl lined seat anchors, and we reinforced the load bearing seams to keep your butt off the ground. And just for peace of mind, our limited warranty has you covered. Any defect or malfunction, we’ll make it right.

Functional Gear Storage
Every Chameleon comes with two included patent pending 16 liter removable Switch Bags. These bags line the entire body of the pack interior for organization. They’ll also keep your gear secure and off the ground while lounging in your chair. Besides these 2 massive removable compartments, the Chameleon also boasts 3 additional large interior pockets as well as 4 exterior pockets including a spacious 4 liter top compartment with a mesh bottom for visibility and breathability. These 7 pockets vary in size for functional organization. The best part is, no pockets need emptying when switching to a chair and you will find all of them conveniently located for easy access to your contents both as a backpack and chair.

Maximum Comfort
Finally carry meets comfort. The Chameleon backpack’s first priority is helping you carry everything you need and get from point A to point B. We didn’t want to sacrifice comfort so we designed the pack to be customizable to all body types. The foam padded, contoured shoulder straps are adjustable with a quick-fit slider so you can find the perfect length to fit your size and build. This makes the Chameleon a comfortable carry for men and women of all different shapes and sizes. The included hip belt makes for carrying heavier loads more comfortable and it can be tucked away into the hollow mesh back panel. It can also be removed completely to shed the extra weight. Last but not least, nothing is more comfortable then being able to unzip and sit back and relax and enjoy a front row seat to mother nature. Take a load off, you deserve it!

Activity Specific Adaptability
Like the lizard who lent us its name, the Chameleon Backpack was designed to adapt to your every habitat and adventure. For the less primitive adventures the Chameleon works great as a 1-3 day travel pack. It meets the FAA size requirements for carry on luggage and just in case there’s not an open seat at that over crowded airport, it’s got your butt covered, just unzip and sit wherever you want with your own integrated seat.
For more rugged trips like hiking or camping, or adventure traveling, climbing, fishing or hunting, or just relaxing at a park, a beach or a backyard, the Chameleon backpack can adapt to your specific activity for day trips or as an overnight backpacking pack. It works great as a rucksack if you decide to leave the chair frame and Switch Bags at home, or you can pre-pack your switchbags for specific adventures, then just snap in the ones you need and you’re ready to go! It’s always great to have Switch Bags around that can be used independently as convenient and accessible and stuff sacks even when you aren’t using the Chameleon.

With two backpacks in one, a duffel mode and an integrated seat, no backpack on the planet can do what the Chameleon can. Carry your load, or you can take a load off! Simply unzip all five zippers, lay the pack over the chair frame attached at the anchor points. The interior Switch Bags holding your gear will hang on either side so you still have access to your gear. Then just sit back and relax and enjoy the view. Far more than just the backpack to chair transformation, the Switch Bags can be removed and worn individually as slings but they can also connect together forming a second 32 liter ultra-light drawstring backpack. For duffel mode, the shoulder straps and hip belt can be tucked away behind the hollow mesh back panel and the lashing buckles can be configured to be used as duffel straps for sleak, quick and easy hand carry.