Trailform bags do more. 

Our new line of 3 transforming bags give you a fully functional backpack, cooler, and ultra light chair, combined into roughly 3 pounds.

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Don't lug a cooler, a chair, and a pile of other gear... Now you get all three, in one bag...

Introducing Trailform's 3 New Transforming Bags:

Transforms from pack to chair in seconds without emptying any contents.

Limitless packing and unpacking options.

Built to last

Guarantee and Warranty:
This isn't our "first rodeo..."

Award winning Penta-zip design gives you unparalleled, top, middle and bottom accessibility.

Easily access pockets while carrying or lounging.

Attachable cooler, camera or stuff bags slide in or snap on.

Feature Summary

The world's lightest backpack, cooler and chair combined into 2.9 lbs.

Two Frostec insulated cooler pockets keep snacks and beverages frosty cold.

Carry snacks, beverages, blankets and a chair easier than ever before!

Perfect for fishing, picnics, outdoor concerts, kids sports and more!

Feature Summary

The lightest and lowest cost design. Sit back and enjoy the view, anytime... anywhere!

Expandable Roll top from 22-28L with massive interior storage pocket.

2 large easy-in-easy-out pockets for fast access while carrying or lounging in your chair.

Slide in compatible cooler, camera, or stuff bags for a customized carry.

Feature Summary