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Product Feature: The Chameleon Backpack; The Backpack That Turns Into a Chair!

Product Feature: The Chameleon Backpack; The Backpack That Turns Into



We are back and today we are going to be talking about the Chameleon Backpack and why it’s so great! 

Have you gone on a hike and got up to the viewpoint with no place to sit? Have you had a chair with you on your hike but it was one of those small, dinky, and uncomfortable tripod chairs? Have you brought a really nice and comfortable chair but it was too heavy or took up all the space in your pack? 

Well, we have created the perfect solution for you! With the Chameleon Backpack, you can forget about all of these worries and discomforts! This is a unique backpack that turns into a chair; kind of like a transformer!

The Chameleon Backpack/Sit System has award winning transform-ability and is a fully functional backpack that quickly transforms into an ultra-light chair without emptying any contents. The backpack transforms into a chair in under a minute and supports up to 300lbs.

With two backpacks in one, duffel mode, and an integrated seat, no backpack on the planet can do what the Chameleon Backpack can.

For chair mode, simply unzip all five YKK zippers, and lay the pack over the chair frame. The pockets and Switch Bags will hold your gear accessible on either side so no emptying necessary.

For duffel mode, the shoulder straps and hip belt can be tucked away behind the hollow mesh back panel and the lashing buckles can be configured to be used as duffel straps for quick and easy hand carry.

The Chameleon Backpack also integrates two patent-pending 16-liter removable Switch Bags. These bags line the entire body of the pack interior and keep your gear secure and accessible while lounging in your chair. The Switch Bags inside of the pack can also be removed and worn individually as slings or they can snap together forming a second 32-liter ultralight backpack.

There is even functional gear storage; every Chameleon Backpack has 3 large pockets when switching to chair mode. This includes 2 large cup holder pockets that fit up to a 40 oz. flask and/or tripod or chair frame, and a 4 liter top compartment for a toiletry pouch or quick access items.

The Chameleon Backpack also has an award-winning 5 zipper, the patent-pending Penta Zip design, that keeps you from having to dig through your gear to get to what you need. Easily unzip the top, the middle, or even the bottom of the pack making for easy access to everything you need, no matter where it’s located inside of the pack. With all 5 zippers open, the Chameleon can be laid completely open and flat for easy packing and unpacking.

The Chameleon Backpack has been customized to fit men and women of all body types. The foam-padded, contoured shoulder straps with adjustable quick-fit slider allow you to find the perfect length to fit your size and build. This makes the Chameleon Backpack a comfortable carry for anyone.

The chair frame supports up to 300 lbs. and weighs around 1.5 lbs. The Chameleon Backpack holds 36 liters of gear storage (the entire system including the chair frame) and weighs less than 5 lbs.

All around, the Chameleon Backpack was built to last; carrying your gear securely, but also carrying your butt!

Our Chameleon Backpack comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty that’s got you covered. Any defect or malfunction, we’ll repair or replace it for free, you just pay shipping.

So what are you waiting for? The Chameleon Backpack is ideal for any adventure where you plan to take a seat and stay a while!

Thanks for sticking around, if you have any questions or concerns about the Chameleon Backpack, feel free to email us at support@trailform.com or DM us on Instagram @trailform_!