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10 Comforts of Home to Bring Camping!

10 Comforts of Home to Bring Camping!


Seeing as this is an outdoor brand, we figure you all like to camp or have at least been camping! Sometimes camping can be a little nerve-wracking and scary for some when they don’t have comforts from home to make it feel a little bit more normal. So, we want to talk about 10 comforts that you can bring with you camping to make it feel more at home, and safe and sound.

1. Toilet Paper

This is a big deal when you are going camping! Most people prefer not to use a leaf of some sort when they have to go to the bathroom in the wilderness! So bringing, toilet paper, wipes, and hand sanitizer can help to make you feel so much cleaner while you are out camping! Just don’t forget to also bring a bag of some kind so that you can dispose of your waste properly as well. Remember to Leave No Trace!

2. Favorite Jacket

When it gets cold camping make sure to have your favorite jacket! This is bound to make you feel not only warmer but more at home as well! We all have those items of clothing that we love to bring camping with us to keep us warm or even stylish while we are out enjoying nature! If it’s not a favorite jacket, it can also be a favorite flannel, or vest of some sort to keep you warm and cozy!

3. Hot Chocolate

This is a must-have when you go camping! Who doesn’t love a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold morning, or in the evening with a side of s'mores? Hot chocolate is also very easy to pack and bring along considering it comes in small packets! But don’t forget the mug either or it will be quite a travesty when you go to put the hot chocolate out with no means to drink it!

4. Headphones / Speaker

People love their music, so why not bring it along when going camping! Bring headphones or a speaker so that you can listen to music wherever you are! Make sure to download some of your favorite hits before the trip though! And don’t forget to bring a charger of some sort, whether it be a solar charger or a car charger! You don’t want your phone to die in the middle of your favorite song, do you?

5. Camera

While camping you never know what you may see, a moose, deer, or even just a beautiful sunset! Bringing a camera along is a great way to capture amazing shots while on your trip! That way you can reminisce the trip forever in the photos that you take! You may even have some really cool stories to tell if you come across something awesome, or unusual! 

6. Card Games

Card games are a good way to keep you busy and distracted throughout the day if you’re not doing anything else. They’re also a great way to bond with those around you and have some fun! Who doesn’t love a little competition, even while camping! Card games are also very small and lightweight, easy to pack in your bag to take along camping!

7. Water Bottle

It’s important to have water while you’re camping, so bring along your favorite water bottle from home to keep you company! It’s obviously very important to have a lot of water with you when camping so be sure to bring more than just one bottle of water! But bring the water bottle to easily take along with you on hikes, rides, and other outdoor expeditions! Getting dehydrated in the wilderness is a very serious matter, so be sure to take care of yourself and bring lots of water with you on every trip into the outdoors!

8. Camping Pillow

This is something that some are picky about and others can easily go without but I know for me,  I need a pillow no matter where I am sleeping! Having a pillow while camping makes me feel so much more comfortable and helps me to fall asleep much faster than without! You can use your clothes as a pillow, bring a blow-up pillow with or even a real pillow if you’ve got the space for it! This is a great way to feel the comforts of home while you are out enjoying nature!

9. Comfort Foods

Making food while camping is always a good time! Be sure to pack foods that you love and are easy to make while camping! This can consist of tinfoil dinners, dutch oven meals, and even propane stove meals as well! Bring foods that bring that comfort of home and sense of tradition with you, like s'mores, and breakfast burritos! If you’re not sure what kind of easy foods to make while camping you can always look it up on the interest! Other people have done the hard work of finding out what’s easy to bring and what’s not! 

10. Chameleon Backpack

Last but not least, you’ve got to bring your Chameleon backpack along with you! Pack up for Chameleon backpack with all the necessary clothes, headphones, water bottle and camera! When you finally get to the campsite you can store your switch bags in the car or tent and use the bag as your camping chair when you are sitting around the fire making your meals! This is a great way to pack less! With the Chameleon backpack, you won’t need to pack a bag and a chair, because it already comes together as one! If you don’t already have a Chameleon backpack, be sure to look into it! It’s a convenient way to bring what you need while carrying less!


Thank you for reading, we hope you pack these comforts of home with you next time you plan to go camping! Thank you for all of your love and support as part of the TRAILFORM community!