3 Amazing Features That Make This The Most Versatile Backpack Ever Made!

1.    Penta-zip Zipper Design Allows You To Access Your Gear Easily

    We call it the penta-zip system because there are 5 zippers that allow you to access your gear from the top, bottom or middle of your pack.  This zipper technology also allows the pack to make the transformation to comfortable chair possible without removing any of the gear from your pack.

    2.    Patented Sit-System Technology

    The frame for the chair can collapse and fit in the bottom of your pack.  To transform it into the chair, simply unzip your pack and remove the ultra-light, aluminum frame.  The frame expands and then you simply place the ends of the frame into the seat anchors attached to the pack.  This collapsible Sit-System frame is small but sturdy - rated to support up to 300 pounds. 


    3.    Removable Switch Bags

    Each Chameleon includes two 16 liter (976 cubic inches) Switch Bags, which are basically stuff sacks that snap into your pack.

    The Switch Bags are accessible from the top by drawstring when housed inside the pack, but we designed them with 2 full-length zippers that zip from top to bottom and bottom to top. This gives you easy access to your stuff from any angle, both as a backpack and when lounging in your chair.

    The best part about the Switch Bags? They can be used as individual drawstring slings or combined as a 32-liter drawstring backpack. Think of it as two packs in one. Share the load and free up even more space in the Chameleon pack for more essentials on family or group outings.


    More Reasons to get psyched about the Chameleon


    • Made from heavy-duty 840 denier nylon. The exterior is tough. It was built to withstand the harsh abrasions that happen in nature. It's also water resistant. It basically means, that it can take a beating without looking like it has while keeping all of your gear safe and dry
    • Two lashing buckles and compression straps allow you to strap larger items to the outside - things like fishing poles, hunting equipment, tents, and more
    • 4 Liter (244 cubic inches) top compartment was designed to hold cell phones, sunglasses, charger, and other small items that you might want to access quickly
    • High quality zippers that last (YKK)
    • The Molle panel system was designed by the military to allow soldiers to securely attach additional pouches or other items to their packs. This allows you to carry more gear by attaching Molle compatible accessories to the pack
    • Penta-zip technology™ allows you to access your gear from the top, bottom, or middle of the pack
    • Minimum Weight: 3.2 lbs or 4.9 lbs (including chair frame and switch bags)
    • Size: 13in x 7in x 22in (30cm x 17cm x 55cm)


    • Ultra-light, aluminum, collapsible Sit-System Chair Frame, rated up to 300 lbs.
    • Water bladder storage - compatible access system allows you to feed the water tubing through access ports turning it into a hydration pack
    • Laptop Storage - so you can use it for school, work, or play. But do yourself a favor, take time to unplug from technology and ditch the laptop when you get outdoors - it will recharge your batteries to unplug
    • Sit system anchors - where the poles will go when you turn it into a chair
    • Sit system seat flap – creates your seat
    • Switch bags double as two drawstring slings or combine to form a large drawstring backpack
    • 2 - 16-Liter (976 cubic inches) Removable Switch Bags (TM) total Switch Bag capacity of 32-Liters (1,952 cubic inches)
    • Want a simple day pack with no bells and whistles? The interior bags can also be removed and will function as a normal 36-liter backpack


    Fill It Up

    Each Chameleon has 36 liters worth of storage to hold everything from your weekend camping or hiking gear to your school, work, or leisure supplies. We made sure to include water bladder and laptop storage spaces, along with a side cup holder.

    To take it a step further, we designed the pack with Molle, used in military and tactical bags, that allow you to attach your desired items and increase the capacity to suit your needs. The lashing buckles make it easy to carry larger items like fishing poles, tents, compound hunting bows or anything you can think of.  

    Double Duty Protection From The Elements

    You need a pack that can withstand whatever you throw at it, which is why we made the Chameleon with heavy duty abrasion and water-resistant 840 denier nylon. Plus, the pack's interior Switch Bags provide a second layer of protection from the elements.  The Chameleon also comes with a stretchy rain cover that you can use to protect your pack even more from rain or snow. 

    Anytime, Anywhere, Anybody backpack

    The Chameleon isn’t just for hikers, campers, hunters and fishermen. We designed the Chameleon to be useful for all active people, like athletes, parents, students, park goers, tail-gaiters, backyard barbecuers and everyone in between. The best part is that you won’t have to choose function over fashion with the Chameleon’s jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind design. So go show it off!  

    The look on your friends faces will be priceless!

    Next time you go exploring, your friends will all be envious when you are relaxing in your Chameleon chair and they are searching for a rock or a log to sit on. You'll be the talk of the campfire with your friends.

    Save Yourself Some Headache... And Some Money!

    Before the Chameleon, it would have cost you as much as $300 to buy a premium qualify backpack, ultra-light chair, and duffle bags. And even at that price, they wouldn't be designed to be compatible. But the Chameleon does it all AND it's 30% less expensive!

    Join The Movement

    The Chameleon pack was originally launched through Kickstarter.  It was an immediate hit and surpassed their original funding goal by 600%.  But now the packs are out in the market and making a splash with outdoor enthusiasts.  The pack has been featured in many places like: Digital Trends, The Coolector, Inside Hook, The Awesomer, Gear Junkie and Cool Things, just to name a few.
    Stop stuffing your pack the old way. When your gear does more, you can carry less.
    The Chameleon will change the way you feel about packing.  Join the movement and get ready to start answering questions about how your pack is able to do what it does... you may get tired of it.

    Take Advantage of our 30-Day "Take-a-Hike" Money Back Guarantee 

    We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. So here is our guarantee. Order your pack today. Try it out within the first 30 days... And if you don't love it, send it back for a full refund.

    Will You Help Us Spread the Word?

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    Q: How long does it take to turn into a chair and back again?
    A: Less than a minute

    Q: Does the chair make the pack heavy?
    A: No, it doesn’t. The chair frame is made of ultra lightweight aluminum so you can barely tell that it is there. It only weighs between 3.2 lbs or 4.4 lbs (including chair frame and switch bags)

    Q: There are cheaper alternatives…why buy a Chameleon?
    A: After adding the cost of a nice quality backpack to a nice quality chair you’ll quickly be able to appreciate the value of what the Chameleon has to offer in the convenience of one pack. 

    Q: A bag is only as good as its zippers… are they sturdy?
    A: Yes, we agree… That’s why we use YKK zippers – the best in the market.  If a zipper fails, the bag fails so we spared no expense using the best zippers, and if one breaks, we will fix it. 

    Q: Do you sell compatible hydration packs to the Chameleon?
    A: No, but we will soon. The pack is compatible with almost any existing hydration pack. But we are building one that will fit perfectly in the Chameleon to be the most efficient with space. 
    Q: I’m excited about the Molle system! Do you sell Molle compatible accessories?
    A: We will now that we know you are interested!! 

    Q: Can I buy more SwitchBags?
    A: Yes, we have SwitchBags available for purchase.  We are developing some specialized ones like one designed to hold your camera equipment. 

    Q: Is it comfortable to carry a chair frame in your pack?
    A: Absolutely, not only is the frame ultra-light weight but it also folds down into 6-8 inch poles making it very easy to store in the pack.

      *Ships same business day if ordered by 12:00pm